Digital Advertising

Salis’s Digital Advertising Business Services help media & entertainment companies address the profound evolution—and opportunities—sweeping across the industry. We bring essential expertise, tools and services to help businesses transition to the new multimedia advertising model.

Salis offers a complete suite of services across the spectrum of digital capabilities, in order to transform media & entertainment companies and equip clients with digital capabilities to increase revenue, strengthen customer relationships and improve operations. This may include any, or a combination, of: implementing leading-edge advertising platforms, running advertising operations, implementing analytics or enabling programmatic channels.

Generate Revenue

Enhance revenues from new digital channels and consumption models by creating the ability to bundle, sell and operationalize a common business as opposed to a TV or Digital business.

Connect with Consumers

Provide targeted advertising based on advanced analytical models to better enhance inventory and to understand audiences across platforms.

Optimize Operations

Integrate workflows between buyers and sellers, enable new inventory through Dynamic Ad Insertion, and effectively scale and reduce ad operations costs through business process outsourcing.